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A Sacrifice for Sludqh'Thiss is a two player top-down fighting game wherein each fighter must wrestle for the game's single attacking weapon and survival. In order to play this game all you will need are two controllers and a friend. Enemies work too, but the controllers are mandatory!

This game is the submission of Dean Cohen and Aaron Christensen for the 2019 Game Maker's Toolkit Jam under the theme of "Only One." In our case the sole method of attacking in this fighting game is to take control of the only weapon available. The sacrificial knife of the ugly and brutal god Sludqh'Thiss. Yes you're probably not pronouncing it right, but who can? 

We hope you enjoy our submission as much as we enjoyed creating it. Read bellow for a description of the game and how to play.


The Vile God, Sludqh'Thiss, demands a sacrifice by combat and his cultists are only too happy to appease. The catch? Only the God's knife may perform the kill. How will the combatants fair in an arena with just one weapon?

At the start Sludqh'This will drop his knife into the fighting pit, be the first to reach it and go on the offensive. The cultists may run around the pit as they please. The left trigger (LT) performs a short sprint that the combatants may use to either gain distance or close the gap and go in for the kill. When unarmed the right trigger (RT) will perform a parry that, if expertly executed just before taking damage, will disarm the opponent and the knife will trade hands. When in possession of the knife the right trigger (RT) will make the player lunge forward and attack their opponent. Be the first to score three hits and win.

Install instructions

Download zip file, extract folder, run the .exe file inside the 'Build' folder.


Build.zip 26 MB

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